Child Support

I remember when I bagged my first degree, I had been so happy that, lying on my bed, I slipped into a deep sleep. It didn't matter much where and how I drifted into sleep because adults are already used to the stress and rigors of life but we cannot say the same of babies. Babies find themselves drifting into sleep in the weirdest of places and in the strangest positions and they have absolutely no control over it. Unlike adults, how babies sleep or position themselves has long lasting effects on them.

Yes, there are baby cots that aid comfortable sleep but babies are unpredictable. How about a situation when you think your baby is playing but drifts into one of those baby sleeps? You are tired of me finding loopholes in everything without proffering alternatives, right? I would be tired of me too if I were you. I actually didn't come to criticize without providing solutions. In fact, baby bean bag is the simple but effective solution. No, I’m not suggesting that you put your baby in a bag of beans.

A smooth surfaced bag filled with either polystyrene or dried beans is what I believe the solution is. Weird, isn’t it? Now, imagine your baby on a bag filled with thousands of springy dried beans so that it can conform itself to your baby's shape and size without causing any discomfort. Things are getting clearer, yeah?

Features and Properties

Basically, a baby bean bag Is made up of a comfortable textile material in the form of an inflatable bag. The bag is filled with polystyrene or dried beans (from which its name was coined). It contains a strap for holding the baby in place to prevent falling off. It adjusts itself to the shape and size of the baby so that, at every point in time, the baby will be comfortable. It also adjusts itself to support the posture of the baby to prevent body aches and postural defects. It is very portable for it can easily be moved about even out of the house during family trips. It is multifunctional because it serves as a chilling spot, sleeping spot and even a rocker for the baby. It is easy to clean. I think that is good news to mothers that find getting rid of baby's mess stressful (in other words, all mothers).

Finally, if you a lover of style, this bag provides the sauce in the maximum quantity. It is unconventional and it comes in different colors.


All babies do not have fun the same way. All babies do not find the same things comforting. Babies are just weird like that. Hence, it is required that every parents know their babies really well so as to be able to know what works for them. Some babies will no doubt prefer bouncers and rockers as a form of comfort. Other babies will not keep quiet until the mother’s rock them in their arms. Therefore, know what works best for your child. It's really important.